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How To Create A Solid Marketing Funnel?

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

A solid marketing funnel is one of the most important things you must have implemented in order to maintain a strategy of growth going forward.

Without one, there we be a lack of structure and direction in your activities which can often lead to unsustainable results. It can also lead to confusion and efforts / resources being applied in the wrong areas.

Some people find the concept of a marketing funnel a bit overwhelming and complex. But all it is, is a process and the stages of every action which develop to something else and so forth.

Different prospects will come into the funnel at alternative stages based on their relevance, and this will be based on their industry, customer profile, company size, and many other factors which are specific to the situation.

It will take a bit of time to perfect your marketing funnel but once you have a foundation in place, it can be tweaked to create an ideal journey which can be used as a template to show new staff and all involved as to what the intentions are.

1. Know Your Target Audience

To start for creating a perfect marketing funnel, you should know who your target audience is. This can be done through extensive research, by studying reports and doing surveys. Finding the target audience is vital as it affects your strategy.

2. Build Buyer Personas

Similarly, the buyer personas are also important. Create the best and different buyer personals by considering the vital questions like why they should buy your products, what will influence them to buy the products and how the customers will use products after purchasing them.

3. Plan on Getting Traffic

Next target should to drive traffic to your website. But the sources do matter. There are a lot of options like guest blogging, blog posts, social media content, paid campaigns and ads. All of these methods should be utilized to get maximum traffic so that you can sell more products or services.

4. Attract the Customers

Driving traffic and attracting potential customers are two different things. People who may buy your products are the best users. You have to find them. Target such customers through your marketing and offer them something to purchase your products.

5. Encourage Actions

When you get customers, they should also be encouraged for actions. Like the website should offer them, convince them to take action and buy something. They should also stay on the website for more time per session and to reduce the bounce rate which are important for better site ranking.

6. Craft a Content Plan

So far the marketing funnel is complete. It should be strengthened with great content ideas. Moreover, when you create content, take great care. It should be interesting, engaging and of the highest quality. Without great content, it is hard to expect good results.

7. Test Your Funnel

Testing the funnel is also a very important step during the process. It helps you find out where you did better and where you need to put more focus in order to improve it. Without testing the final funnel, you can end up with bad results.

8. Convert Your Leads

Converting the leads is a critical part. How will you do it? You should be clear about the goals and how you will generate more leads through your marketing funnel. When the customers visit your website, you should be ready to entertain them and make more customers. There are many tools you can include in your marketing funnel stack such as B2B lead generation tracking tools.

9. Build the Relationships

Once you get the customers, try to build long term relationships with them. Without building relationships, it is hard to retain the clients and get more customers. A lot of B2B brands think they are done when they get the customers. But customer relationship is an important part.

10. Conversation After Conversion

If you get one conversion for 50 or 100 visitors, that is not a big deal. It doesn’t show you are doing great. You have to find out why you could not make one conversion for 10 visitor. This will help you be more focused.

3 best games of virtual reality for every taste

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

1. Echo VR

The recently renamed Echo VR first appeared in the Oculus Store under the name Echo Arena, as a futuristic sports virtual reality game that has a unique movement style “zero-G” and multiplayer matches of 5 by 5. Stimulus for rebranding: Echo Combat take you to the battle chassis of the bot, armed with various weapons and abilities. With the participation of two teams of three people, you are competing to either move the payload forward, or to defend the final goal, and push back the payload.

Description: playing Echo Combat, you will play the role of a futuristic combat robot armed with various weapons and abilities, as your team of three competes with the opposition in fast, weightless chaos! Echo Arena now supports a party of 15 players and private matches of 5 for 5, and another 5 gaming sites become available to viewers! In Arena, your team will meet face to face with robots in zero gravity. You have to slide, push and make your way to scoring goals in an exciting virtual arena.


Superhot VR is pure, concentrated adrenaline, a real injection of pure extreme and good taste. Blood and knocking in the temples, while you play this amazing virtual reality game. And this is only aggravated by the fact that time stands still in the world of the shooter itself. Time in the virtual reality games world does not move while you are moving, and you can see in real time how a bullet that kills you in a second hangs millimeters away from you. Feel great.

From beginning to end, you will try to dodge, and all this will resemble action and the likeness of “The Matrix.” The effect is exacerbated by stylish video and even more stylish sound.

This is perhaps one of the best virtual reality games that is now available for the Oculus Touch controller. She demonstrates all his possibilities. And the last update of the game called Forever made Superhot VR even better and better. Even more gameplay, even more opponents – and even cooler feeling of victory.

3. Poker VR

Playing poker with friends has never been more fun and social. Poker VR has the most expressive avatars created for VR, which makes tells even more interesting. Want to hone your poker skills? Join any of the daily tournaments to prove that you are the best at poker. And yes, you will play with people from around the world who join with Oculus Rift, Gear VR and Oculus Go!

Perfect Backup Is Now Possible Without Any Error

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Professional online backup is essential for preserving all business data. To do this, you have different options: local, private, external, or cloud backups. Our comparison in the field of computer backup enlightens you. You can also find all backup software.

What to back up

The question of backup covers your different files, whether your documents, your photos or your videos. Added to these elements are your business tools: work software, office suite, installed extensions, etc.

Cloud versus local

For your backups, different storage spaces are possible. It could be:

  • External hard drives, on site or at a service provider. We are talking about physical, private or entrusted backup.
  • Online spaces, via cloud computing. Your data is in this case hosted on a dedicated server. We are talking about private or public cloud.

The limits of physical backup

By choosing to keep your data “hard”, you are not safe from degradation of the material used as supports. Following an incident, such as a flood or fire, or a shock, a hard drive may be damaged and become unreadable, preventing any data recovery.

Online backup and ubiquity

Online backup removes the risks associated with hardware. By storing your content in the clouds, it ensures permanent accessibility. Via any Internet access, you are able to consult, modify or import your elements. No need to be in the office, or use a particular computer, the use is free from the location and devices used. With the Best Cloud Solutions Company In Singapore

Online backup and sharing

Beyond the mobility advantage of online backup solutions, their access has the advantage of being shared. Protected by means of an access code, a password, or accessible via a specific link, the elements remain available. So the solution used to save becomes a collaborative tool.

  • Online backup tools
  • The free is always limited
  • Possibilities of use

When, as here, solutions also exist as apps, you can download the mobile app version on your phone or tablet. A version also exists for computer, facilitating offline access in particular. Thus deployed, the solutions ensure synchronization between your different devices.

Overview of the market

Among the solutions offering their services, hubiC also exists: OVH’s hub in the cloud , with 25 GB free. SugarSync is paid with a period of thirty days offered. VMware, is another known American actor. On Amazon Cloud we only pay what we use. Crashplan is a free solution for private use, and paid for businesses. Finally, SkyDrive, become OneDrive, is the Microsoft solution while iCloud is that of Apple.

The best online backup software for businesses

In the professional context, the stakes associated with the safeguarding of your data do not tolerate any amateurism. In addition, your needs in terms of volume and number of users impose specific solutions.