How to fix air conditioning: the 4 most common problems

It is normal that if at this point of the year your air conditioning breaks you get into panic and the first thing you can do is call the good at aircon chemical wash technician, but do not rush, you can fix some of the most common problems with air conditioning yourself. Its 37º on the street and the air conditioning is giving you life until it suddenly stops working.

Professional explains how to fix the air conditioner if you have one of the 4 most common problems that spoil its proper functioning.

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It is simple solutions and without risk, you do not have to be the handyman of the house to try it. And in case they do not work, you can use the technician’s wild card.

The house or room takes longer than normal to cool down: The most common cause of this problem is the air conditioning filter. To check, remove the filter and place it against the light; if the light does not pass through, it is full of dust. The solution depends on the type of air conditioning you have: in case you have a disposable filter you simply have to buy a new one; otherwise you have to clean it. To do this, fill a bowl of warm water and add two drops of liquid dishwashing liquid; soak the filter for 10 minutes and then rinse it with clean water. Make sure it dries well before putting it back in.

The air does not come out cold: If the air comes out but it is not cold, the air conditioner may be frozen. To check it simply touch the area of ​​the appliance where the filter is, if it is very cold is that it is frozen. To fix it turn off the cold mode and turn on the air for a few hours to thaw of course, before you make sure you clean the filter dust, as it may also be the cause of the problem.

The central air conditioning does not work only in one room: If you have central air conditioning and it has stopped working in a room it is possible that the ventilation ducts are plugged. Open it and check that there is nothing preventing the air from coming out.

If you have tried all these solutions and your air conditioner still does not work well, it may be that the outside conduit is dirty. Unplug or turn off the device and clean it thoroughly with a hose, making sure it has no leaves or dirt that prevents proper air circulation.

If after that your house is still a mess. It’s time to call the good at aircon repair professionals.