How does a digital agency works?

There are various brands for which digital marketing is still a new concept. Digital marketing agencies are very different from traditional advertising agencies. They keep focus on how to convert the customers and uses various formats to convert them. Digital agency uses crazy and attractive measures as compared to traditional agencies. Here are departments of digital marketing agencies that one should understand.

Business development team

This team, in every organization, manages the customers and brings sales from the potential business platforms. This team handles contracts and SLAs. It brings new businesses and has the capability to run them efficiently.

Client servicing team

They handle the companies client. Once the client is onboard through the sales team, they take care of the client’s requirements on various platforms on daily basis. The team plans strategies and then make it execute through different models and team members.

The copywriting team

Once the strategy is formulated. The copywriting team writes the content of different pages like blogs, website content, social media posts, advertising content, and many more. There are paid links that can be given by the clients to run their website even better.

Design ream

The design team designs the graphics and takes care of the visualization of every element of the client that they want for their organization. They create the best and attractive UI for the clients so that they can get more and effective leads.

SEO team

The search engine optimization team helps to improve the visibility of the client through search engine optimization. The team’s target is to get attract more and more customers to the client’s website in an unpaid manner. The paid links are given by the clients to make the website formulation better.

Development team

This team takes care of the website and create a website that is user-friendly and easily approachable to the customer of the client.

Paid media team

This is the platform where the client can get the fastest returns of the paid media platforms. They use several platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, to place the links and get payment by clicking on per click.

Social media team

This team manages the social media of the client, The post of several pages along with the useful links along with bitly links in the stories of social media pages. They handle potential customers and influencers of the clients if the client provides access to operate its customers too.

Quality analysis and accounts team

This team, analysis the quality of the website and project that is completed by the team, and improves the quality by checking all the perspectives. The accounts team handles the accounts of various clients.